Why do we love gobelin?



Why do we love gobelin?


“I look at my face and I weight my health. Both are wearing the signs of worries, ambitions and remorse which contorts physiognomy of everyone. That’s why we should love art.

It will buy those who want to balance life , calm , fulfilling moral and even health.”

( Jean Baptiste Camille Corot)


Gobelin is first of all a form of art. An accessible occupation , much loved by those who have a small skill in needle sewing. A form of relaxation. A therapy.

In a hectic and stressful world in which things always need to be solved, tapestry is a nice alternative for those who want to spend a moment ” with themselves ” , far from worries.

The time “stolen ” for sewing a tapestry is primarily a time for soul. Few things compare to the joy of creating , the satisfaction of seeing something beautiful , a work of art , getting out of your hands.

We started this site in order to make known ” needle painting ” .The engine that animates us all Top Gobelin team in the work that we do is a passion for tapestry and art in general, which we want to share more and more with those around us .

We love gobelin for the way it touches the soul . We love tapestry art because it is simple, nice and beautiful !










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