About gobelin kits

Top Goblen offers a large variety of gobelin kits, with different levels of difficulty, grouped in ten separate topics. A gobelin kit is available in two or three versions. Each of them has a distinct code and a name, which makes the product easy to identify. Every gobelin can be found in one of the following categories:

  • Category A – low level of difficulty, suitable for beginners
  • Category B – medium level of difficulty, targets the clients with some experience in sewing tapestry
  • Category C – high level of difficulty, is available for the professionals.


The bigger the size and number of colors of a gobelin kit, the closer the sewed gobelin will get to the original painting, with a more beautiful look and having a more accurate representation of details, but also the difficulty of sewing will be higher.

The letter that is part of each identification code shows the level of difficulty of the gobelins. For example, product no. 0145B is in the B category – medium level of difficulty, product 0164A is an A category – low level of difficulty and so on.

A gobelin kit with diagram (chart of symbols) contains the followings:

  • The first page presents the coloured image of the gobelin ( control image ) and the order of the pages in the chart. Important! There can be minor differences between the colours that appear on the monitor screen, the colours printed on the first page of the gobelin kit and the actual colors of the threads. Neither the screen, nor the printer can reproduce 100% accurate the exact colours of the threads and therefore the final appearance of the gobelin.
  • A page where the symbols / colours used in the gobelin are listed
  • Stitching instructions. The tapestry will be stitched using the classical gobelin stitching point (petit point), using two of those six strands that a thread has. Even though it is not hard to do that, everyone should pay attention to the sewing technique: how to introduce the strands in the needle, how to start and how to finish stitching, the direction of sewing – so that you cover well both sides of the fabric, the tension in the thread when sewing, etc. The gobelin kit contains precise instructions and images that detail the sewing technique, so that the result of the effort will be a quality stitched tapestry with good overall appearance.
  • Diagram of symbols , A4 format, coloured or black and white – according to client’s specifications when placing the order. A diagram/chart of symbols is the initial image of the gobelin reproduced in symbols. Each symbol indicates a certain color. The diagram appears as a squared chart with thin and also thick lines every ten points. The grid of the diagram corresponds to the grid of the canvas and it is numbered on the margins from 10 to 10 points. On the up-right and down-left corners of each diagram page it is specified the next page, horizontally and vertically. The chart is conceived to make you the sewing easy, and to offer you an easy way to follow the symbols. Important! For the colored diagram, the shades of the threads do not correspond with the shades of the symbols in the diagram.  
  • Zweigart canavas  with a 100 stitches/ square centimeter density, beige with yellow grid. The canvas will be supplied in a sufficient size to sew the gobelin, plus a margin of 3 cm on each side for mounting it on the frame.
  • Coats Puppets threads  are rolled on special cardboard cards marked with the identification number and symbol of the colour and the code of the gobelin kit as well . The threads are good quality ones, made of durable – mercerized cotton. The quantity of threads is calculated to be enough for sewing the whole gobelin, plus an extra 30% , to prevent the unpleasant situation when a client runs out of thread. Even so, the threads must be used without wasting it. You should throw away only the ends of thread that are too small to be reused. Still, if you run out of thread, or you misplace a cardboard, you can contact us to send you the missing color. In this case, we need the code of the gobelin kit and the identification number of the missing colour, that you can find on the cardboard or on the page that lists the symbols.
  • Special needle for sewing the gobelin, 30-40mm length, with big ear and without pinhead.

For additional accessories necessary for sewing a gobelin, please access the section: Gobelin Accessories.