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Passionate about the gobelin art

We are one team very passionate about the gobelin art and our goal is to bring joy to those who wish to express themselves through “needle painting”. Our products are made with passion and professionalism by designers who combine the gobelin art with the quality of products offered.
You will find on our website different gobelin themes for everyone’s taste. Top Goblen kits are created on different levels of difficulty and address to all those who love tapestry – the beginners, the ones with experience in gobelin stitching and to the professionals as well. Most of our gobelins are famous paintings reproductions. In order to meet most of likings and requirements, we varied both the number of colors and size of the gobelins, thus obtaining several versions of the same gobelin. We hope that this way we’ll cover a large spectrum of preferences and we will achieve our main goal: the satisfaction of our clients!
The materials contained by each Top Goblen kit are high quality, because we value the work done in stitching a gobelin and we desire for the final product to look good and to last.
Upon request we produce custom gobelin kits by professionally processing the images/photos provided by the client, in accordance with his/her specifications. In this case, the final product is an unique gobelin kit, containing a custom diagram along with all the materials that are needed for sewing the gobelin.
To decorate your home or in case you wish to make a special gift to the dear ones, Top Goblen offers you gobelins stitched with much care and passion by professionals with big experience in sewing tapestry.
Last but not least, we will take into consideration your wishes and guidances that we are looking forward to receiving from you!

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